Monday, November 3, 2008

Leaving the past behind

Junior year started and Travis and I had finally mended all of our brokeness. I finally felt like i had my best friend back. The only thing that was different from now and from before we dated, was that I still had strong feelings for Travis, which made things more complicated sometimes.

As school started, things were going great. It felt like we were starting off on a clean slate. There were times where we'd even meet at each others lockers like we did before we broke up. Travis and I even had a class together in which he sat right behind me. It was the first class we had had together since we started high school. It was nice to get to see him everyday. Well, it was nice for a while.

I started to notice that Travis was acting a little distant. It wasn't like before where he would completely ignore me or anything, but there was still something missing. I found out that Travis had found interest in another girl. (we'll call her girl A). Girl A was the type of girl who was involved in anything she could be involved in. She was smart, funny, christian-like and of course gorgeous. She was the type of girl that any or most guys in our class would have loved to date. Travis began spending time with HER in the halls, walking with HER to classes and walked her to her car after school. When he was walking with her, if i crossed his path, he'd nod his head in my direction and say, hey!" and keep on walking.Of course, my heart was broken all over again. This time it felt worse. I couldn't compete with Girl A and i didn't want to have to. I also knew that as long as they dated, my heart would never mend and i'd never feel okay. There were days that i'd go home and cry, and then there were days that i was just in a bad mood and reacted negatively towards my family.

So my mom and I decided it was best that i transfer schools. I just needed to get away from Travis and try to put him in the past. In October of 2003, i transfered to Coronado High School. I've never been good at making new friends. I'm usually quite akward and shy around people i don't know. SO it was a scary and nerve wrecking experience for me, but anything was better than having to watch Travis with Girl A day after day. I guess it upset Travis because after i transfered we just stopped talking.

Coronado was a different experience. I had a hard time making friends and most of the time i felt lonely. But "B" and I were hanging out a lot and everything seemed to be going really well. I didn't think about Travis as much and i could tell my heart was mending little by little. I had been at a new school now for 3 months and hadn't spoken a word to Travis. So one night I was logged into AIM one night and saw that Travis was also on. I decided to say hello. I knew i was strong enough to at least have a conversation with him. He was kind and responded with a hello as well. We had our first conversation since i had left Frenship. It was short and friendly. It was aparently all we needed to start talking again though. We began talking alot online. He understood that i didn't want to hear about Girl A. So we talked about school, sports and work. On my birthday that year, Travis suprised me with a birthday card and a bag of hershey kisses (my favorite!). He was trying to make that step in hopes that we could be friends again and i appreciated it.

Then, a month later, we were going back to Mexico for another mission trip.Travis and I rode in the same vehicles to and from the trip. We hung out a lot during that trip and enjoyed the converstaions we had. When we were almost back in Lubbock, i asked him if he had missed Girl A. He paused for a little while, probably unsure if he should tell me and responded with a yes. I shook my head and smiled. It hurt a little bit that he was missing another girl. BUT, i had come a long way. If i hadn't of transfered schools and got away from that situation i would have reacted differently. SO i was proud of myself.

When we arrived at the church, we all got out and made a big circle and Travis stood next to me. We were asked to all hold hands. Travis grabbed my hand. It felt wierd at first. It was the first physical contact i had had with him in a very long time. I looked at him and he smiled. I smiled back at him and we all bowed our heads to pray. We prayed to thank God for a wonderful trip.

We gathered all of our luggage and were ready to go home. I was about to walk back out to my car to go home, when Travis hugged me. It was a real sincere hug. We hugged for what seemed like a couple of minutes and he whispered in my ear, "When i said i missed Girl A, i meant it. But not as much as i miss you." I smiled and said, "Thank you."

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