Friday, March 6, 2009

Stubborn body fat!

So for the past year i've been off and on diets. I'm never very good at sticking to a diet for long amounts of time! I understand that "diets" don't work and that its a new lifestyle, i just haven't been able to make it a lifestyle yet.

So in the past year i have lost a total of 35lbs. Yes... it took me a WHOLE year to loose that weight! haha Anyway, i still have 15 more lbs to loose and i just haven't been able to get them off!! So i've been searching high and low for new recipes, new work out routines, and new motivation. I started buying the weight watchers magazine. It usually has at least a few new recipes. My problem before was that i just ate smart ones alot and well... i definately got sick of all of them! I also bought the Biggest Loser 30 day jump start book. I am really excited about this book because it not only has new recipes, but it also gives me daily work out routines. The only thing about the work outs, is that they are relatively very easy.. so i'll probably have to make them a little more challenging because i feel i am on a higher fitness level than that! AND now for the exciting part of my "new-ness".... I am going to train for a half marathon!!! Go ahead... you can laugh at me, Travis did. BUT i am serious about it despite the laughs. This is something i have been wanting to do forever, but never really thought about how to actuall do it! So i am WAY excited about all of these new ideas to incorporate into my "lifestyle". I'll let you know how fast the weight falls off!!

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The Pittman Family said...

Congrats on losing so much weight!! I would love to do a marathon one of these days... but I don't know if it's gonna happen. Keep us posted on your progress.