Saturday, December 19, 2009

Preggo Update...

I'm now almost 35 weeks pregnant and getting more anxious as time goes by... so to help pass some of the time i decided to fill you guys in on what's going on with my body/life/and baby.

SO i only have about 5 to 5 1/2 weeks left.. or at least i hope. I'm praying she wont be late, but i know she'll come when she is good and ready to... but a girl can hope :). I'm having a lot of leg discomfort, but i'm pretty sure it's because i'm not drinking enough water or eating/drinking enough calcium which i am trying to work on both. I wake up multiple times during the night just to turn over because my leg is killing me!! I spend a lot of my time stretching these days to relieve the achyness.

I'm surprised to say that i usually only have to get up ONE TIME to pee. I've heard my whole life that, that is the most annoying part is getting up several times during the night to use the bathroom. So either something else is wrong, or i just got lucky.

I can tell Hannah is running out of room, because i feel every little movement. AND i think i am experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions because my uterus will get real hard on the sides and top and stay hard for about a minute or so... but the contrations aren't painful and they definately aren't repeating a pattern of any sort.

The baby still hasn't "dropped" i guess. I'm still carrying pretty high. I'm just waiting for her to drop. It seems like i'm just sitting around waiting for everything, which is probably why i'm getting way to anxious these days. I'm still walking around normally... you know.. no waddle or anything.

I AM happy to say that i havn't gotten any stretch marks yet, so YAY! I've been lotion-ing it up and trying to make sure my skin stays soft. I also havn't experienced any bad swelling ( Getting fat and swelling are two different things)... lol. I don't know how, but my wrists, ankles, legs ... they're all still their normal size.

I say i'm tired of being pregnant, but honestly i've been very blessed. I've had an extremely easy pregnancy (knock on wood!) and the baby and myself are both looking healthy. BUT, i'll be happy to feel normal again, loose the weight and SEE my baby!! :)

I have the baby's room all set up and ready, and i've begun packing our hospital bags... trying to make sure that everything is getting done. I don't know if i've gotten into the "Nesting" Phase, or if i'm just so ready for her to be here, that i think if i get everything done, she'll come! :) That would be wonderful!

SO, i'm 34 weeks 4 days pregnant.... only 37 more days to go!

Happy HOlidays from the Armstrongs! :)

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Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I think the swelling thing might have something to do with the fact that she is a winter baby. I was the same way with Bubba, but I was so swollen with the girls by the end of the summer.