Sunday, March 21, 2010

Catching up!

I seriously thought about not ever writing in my blog again, until my sis-in-law convinced me that i needed to keep her updated since she lives in WY! SO, i'll continue writing for her since she's one of the very few that even reads it!

So here's some news.... Hannah is here!! Well.. she's been here. In fact, she's been here for two whole months now! Why am i JUST now writing about her?? well, she has kept me pretty busy! She controls my life and i love it! I'm loving being a mommy and she's been a pretty good baby so far. She even sleeps through the night now!

Down to the details, Hannah was born on January 22, 2010. She weighed 7lbs 2oz. She was 19 inches long and perfect in every way!

Hannah about 10 minutes after being born.

She's learned how to smile now which is my new favorite thing to try to get her to do.

This is a picture taken last week by her aunt Laci!

All in all, we are loving being parents. Travis has never been so smitten and I love to watch him play with her and make her smile. Right now she enjoys eating and sleeping the most. I can't blame her though... if i could i would sleep and eat all day too!

Other than the obvious big changes, Travis is working two jobs (one full time, one part time) so that i can stay at home with Hannah, which i love and i am forever grateful to him for that. I'm always trying to look for ways to make/save money so if you have any tips, let me know!


Ashley said...

I read your blog!! I love seeing pictures of sweet Hannah!

Laci said...

yAYAY!! I love reading your blog. And I love hannah. I miss her so much. She's a bright little smiling, sleeping, poopin', sunshine!! hahah!!