Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I guess since Hannah is taking a nice little nap i can update a little.

Hannah is doing well. She's growing way too fast... like a little weed to be exact. I wish there was some way to slow her down. She's talking alot now. Well, "talking" to her is actually, "Ahh" and "Uhh Uhh" lol. But she's becoming more alert and is usually more awake during the day now. Travis and I enjoy making her smile and watching her try to figure out how to control her arms and legs. Right now, she enjoys eating, being held, being talked to, and getting to look at anything new!

However, she hates when we take the bottle away to burp her, lay her down for longer than 10 minutes, and tummy time. She absolutely HATES tummy time. The doctor told me to give her tummy time 3 times a day for 15 minutes each. When i actually DO give her tummy time, she screams the whole time and it breaks my heart.

Other than all of that, i'm just trying to do everything right! Her head is getting a little flat in the back because at night, she sleeps on her back. I've tried everything to get her to sleep on her sides and i even hold her during the day to where there is no constant pressure on the back of her head... but im kind of losing that battle! It's not bad, but it defiantely has a flatness to it..

In other news, Travis and I are officially members of the Zach's Club Gym. We were going to Freedom Fitness, but we made the switch because i wanted to take fitness classes which Freedom doesn't offer AND Zach's has daycare. SO if i wanted to work out but had no one to watch Hannah, i still have no excuse not to go!

I'm also currently on weight watchers and let me tell you, it's frusterating. In the past month that i have been doing it, i've lost 4 lbs! Thats it! BUt this week, i've been kicking tail in the gym so here's hoping for a bigger number! I've got a lot of pregnancy weight to loose!

What's new in your world?

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Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Forget trying to do everything right--that's too much pressure! Just love her and pray lots and everything else will take care of itself:) You're a great mom!