Friday, June 25, 2010

Pools and Moving!

On Tuesday, Hannah and I went swimming with Jenni and her kids at their community pool. This family has always been a specail part of our lives. Jenni's husband was our youth minister from when we were in the 8th grade to when we graduated high school. We both look up to Jenni and "honey" as he is referred to in her blog very much. So when I got the text asking us to come and swim with them, i was pretty excited.
So anyway, we went swimming. It was hot.... i mean hot! Although, compared to most of the summer days this year, it was pretty nice. There was a light breeze and the cold water felt nice! Hannah didn't make it too long before she passed out!

Poor girl has my "sun fearing" skin and would probably burn real easily. So ontop of caking her in sunscreen, i laid her in the shade so she wouldnt get burnt. I had fun talking to Jenni and watching "Bubba", "Brooke" and "Mary TuTu" swim and play.
By the time we got back to their house, it was time for Hannah to eat. I'm not sure if this is "Brooke" or "Mary TuTu" who fed her because i don't know which nick name belongs to who... but one of them offered to feed her for me!

Hannah doesn't mind who feeds her, as long as she's getting fed! It's fun to watch the twins interact with Hannah and get excited around her. I remember when THEY were babies and I was the one who wanted to hold them and feed them and babysit them. SO i guess it's a cycle.
Hannah and I enjoyed our time with Jenni and her family. Thank you Jenni for the invite!
Hannah is now officially 5 months old and let me tell you...
*she is a chunk! She is 25 1/4" long and weighs 17 lbs (according to our method of Travis weighing himself and then holding hannah).
*She's still rolling all over the place
*She's babbling ALOT these days and goes on and on and on about it!
*She's beginning to take one long nap during the day and that's it!
*She's tried Squash, Green Beans, carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Peas and so far has enjoyed all of them!
* She's getting really close to sitting on her own and crawling.
All in all she's a very good baby. She's at such a fun age and Travis and I are really enjoying watching her learn new things! Let me tell you though, she is so hard to make laugh! We'll do ANYTHING to make her laugh and it usually takes everything we've got. And whatever was funny to her yesterday, won't be funny to her today. She'll just give us a look like, "Really? didn't you already do this yesterday?" So... we're constantly trying to do new things!
Travis' sister, Laci, is on her way back to TEXAS!!! For those of you who don't know, she's been living in Wyoming for the past year and half and boy has she been missed! Her husband just got a new job back in Abilene and he starts in July! So they are on their way back to Texas as we speak. They will stop in Colorado for the night and will continue here tomorrow! We could not be more happy about this move and we praise God for this blessing!! SO now.. if you know her... encourage her to start having babies so Hannah can have some cousins to play with! :) We love our Aunt Laci!
We love you all and pray that you are being truly blessed!

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Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

We had fun too! Loved seeing you and that sweet baby. Mary TuTu (P) was the one feeding Hannah.