Friday, July 22, 2011

It just seems fitting....

...that this blog entry is about Camp since Camp Followin' is starting up very soon. Every summer i get a little sad when our youth group heads off to camp. It's not because i'm going to miss them or because i dont want them to go. It's because i miss going to camp myself. It used to be the highlight of the year for me.

I am a camp kind of girl. I love the smell of the mountains with it's cool fresh breezes. I love the sound of the creeks running. I love how clear the skies are at night and how many stars you can see because there aren't any "city lights" around. I love the praises that are sung to God. I love campfires, camp food, canteen time, and fellowshiping with friends while not having to worry about the rest of the world.

At camp Followin' once a week, the women take a hike. It's called "Women's HIke". CLever title, huh? :) ANyway, the senior girls always give a talk to the younger girls about what camp had meant to them... or just anything they want to say during this time. My senior year I wrote, "Camp is special because we spend it in the mountains. I dont think it's by accident that Camp Followin' is held on the mountains. There is no place on earth that can get you physically closer to God than on the peak of a mountain top! At Camp, God is everywhere and anywhere. You do not need to even WORK to get rid of all the earthly grief and sorrow you feel. Once you are here it all just magically falls away. That is what Camp Followin' means to me." I still have that written down in a journal that i am now typing from.

So every summer i feel an ache and a desire to be in the mountains. A want to be physically closer to my God, my creator. Now, i only have the fact that Hannah will someday grow into a camper and i might possibly be able to be a "camp parent" to look forward to. I am dying to be able to experience camp all over again.

Praise God for my Hannah. Praise God for the mountains. Praise God for fellowship. Praise God for Camp. PRAISE GOD FOR EVERYTHING!

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