Thursday, September 18, 2008

Puppies= Love

I LOVE puppies. They are so needy, loving, cute, and playful. I love puppies so much that My husband and I go to our local puppy store almost every sunday just so I can hold one and play with one. Puppies just bring me a different kind of happiness. Today, a puppy made me cry....

I was on my way to work and just like every other day, i had to stop at a pesky red light. I groaned at the annoyance of it and when i looked over, there it laid. The poor little helpless puppy that someone ran over :(. I couldn't help but think about where this puppy came from. Was it someone's little pet? Did they love him? IF they did, why did they let him get a way so far? Puppies just dont wonder off..... I was very sad. As all of these thoughts went through my head small tears came out of my eyes and down my cheeks. It was just more than my heart could take.

I have two dogs of my own whom i have raised since they were wittle puppies. If they had gotten run over i would be heartbroken. THey bring me such joy and happiness. When i am sad, they just know how to comfort me. When I am upset at my husband, they often act upset too lol. They are just so much fun.

This was Jax when he was a wittle puppy...

So to see such a small and innocent little puppy laying on the side of the road.... broke my heart into a million little pieces.

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