Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We hadn't been dating long before we started using the "L" word. In any other case, i would have felt it was way too soon to say it, but with Travis it was natural and sincere. I guess since we had been friends for so long before we dated, we felt we already knew all about each other. I knew that I already loved Travis for the man he was. So when Travis first told me he loved me, I didn't hesitate to tell him that i loved him too.

Travis did many sweet and romantic things for me while we were dating. He walked me to my classes if he could, if i wasn't feeling well he would try anything to make it better, and he even wrote me a few sweet letters. He told me he loved me often and gave me a lot of hugs. On Christmas day that year, Travis came into my bedroom to wake me up with my gift. He was as excited to give it to me as i was to recieve it. He had one of those big boyish grins on his face and he couldn't wait for me to open it up. I took the lid of off the small box to find a charm for my charm bracelet. The charm was perfect. It had two hearts that were linked together. I loved it. I loved everything about that moment. He was the perfect boyfriend. It ALL seemed so perfect. And in almost all cases, when things seem to perfect something or someone comes along that tries to mess it all up.

In about 6 months into our relationshp, we had allowed the Devil to come between us. We were no longer focusing on God and on what God wanted for us. We made some mistakes and I realized what had happened, my heart was broken. Travis and I were on AIM, a popular instant messenger at the time. I had to tell him what i was feeling. So I told him that i thought the devil was trying to come in between our relationship with God. I told him how heart broken it had made me and how sad i was about it. He didn't just understand, he felt the same way too. So i told him to come over the next morning so we could talk about it.

Travis showed up the next morning. I was in tears. I didn't understand what had happened or how it had happened. Neither of us meant to bring the other one down with us. And neither of us liked seeing the other with a broken heart. Travis took me into his arms and tried to comfort me. When i looked up at him i noticed he had been crying as well. That was the first and one of the only times i have ever seen Travis cry. So we began praying together. Travis would lead the prayers and i would bow my head and listen. He would ask God to forgive us for our sins and to come into our hearts and captivate us. We desperately needed God. We had always wanted God to be a big part of our relationship.

After that happened, we were stronger than ever. God was slowly piecing back all of the pieces to our hearts and trying to mend them and mold them. We were back to being a happy and in love couple..... at least for a couple more months. ANd then things got messy.

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