Monday, October 27, 2008

The first date.

School was about to start up again, and I knew that we would both be to busy to hang out as much as we were. I didn't know if i was ready for that to happen. I guess Travis was feeling the same way because he asked me on our FIRST official date. When i asked my mom if i could go on a date with him, i was expecting to hear a "no". My family had a rule that we weren't allowed to date until we were 16. That wasn't the case though. I guess she trusted Travis and liked him, or maybe i was just close enough to being 16 that she allowed us to go on date. The plan was to do something simple and not too complicated. So we planned to go to the movies.

Getting ready that evening was stressful. What was I supposed to wear? This wasn't just my first date with Travis, it was my first date period! What was i supposed to do with my hair? HOw was i supposed to act? I made many trips from the bathroom and back to the bedroom that night. I remember my mother laughing at me as i trotted past her view. I ended up wearing my favorite green sweater with some nice jeans and some nice shoes. My hair was curled and half way pulled back. I had just a touch of make up on, but it was enough to satisfy me. I felt pretty good about the way i looked. Finally, my ride was here.

Of course we couldn't drive ourselves. We were only 15. So Travis got out of his sister's car and walked to my door. He rang my doorbell and when my mom answered the door he stepped inside to wait for me. I was a nervous wreck, but i didn't show it. He smiled and said hello. I replied back with a hello and we left. When we got to the movie theatre and sat down, Travis reached for my hand and held it. We made small talk until the previews came on. I don't remember what movie we went to see, but movies are at least an hour and a half long and we held hands the entire time.

When the movie was over, Travis called his parents so that someone could come and get us. WHile we waited, we talked about school starting, football, and even though he often made fun of me for being a band nerd, we talked about band. It never mattered what we talked about. I genuinely just enjoyed his company and enjoyed any topic of conversation with him... even football, which i did not understand.

About 15 minutes later, his dad pulled up to take us home. He asked us how the movie was and we both replied, "Good". WHen we got to my house that night, Travis walked me to my door like a gentleman. He said he had fun and that he was glad we got to go out before school started. I agreed. Travis gave me a goodnight hug that night which i was content with. I wasn't ready for his dad to see me kiss his son, and i guess Travis felt the same way. That just wasn't cool.

I got ready for bed that night with nothing but my date on my mind. NOt only had i just been on my first date ever, but i had been on my first date with Travis.

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