Friday, October 24, 2008

The start of something new

When i woke up the next morning, all the thoughts that were in my head on the previous night were gone. I didn't feel the same way about that kiss that i had the night before. Instead, thoughts of regret and sadness were there. I liked the kiss, and i liked Travis.... but i didn't want to like either of them. Travis and I had a really good friendship. We were best friends and I had never had a friend like that before. So instead of excitement about the kiss from the night before, there was regret. I was scared of loosing my best friend. I knew that we were only 15 and if we did date, we would more than likely break up, and break ups brought pain and heart ache. I wasn't ready to go there.

When i logged into AIM that day, Travis instant messaged me.

Travis: Hey
Travis: What are you doing?"
Me: Nothing. You?

And the conversation was a dull as that for a while.
Then Travis wrote:

Travis: Sorry about last night. I just looked at you and really wanted to kiss you.

I thought about that for a little while. The girly mushy side of me was so excited that i didn't listen to my head. My head was saying, "NO, this is going to ruin everything." But my heart won the battle.

I replied, "It's ok. I'm glad you did."

And that was it. That's how we started dating. HE never officially ASKED me to be his girlfriend, but somehow we both just understood that we were exclusive.

Our friends were a little surprised and a little schocked. NO one really expected for us to start dating. We both had a mutual close friend who had the same worries i did. He worried that when we broke up, he'd have to pick sides or we would never be able to hang out all together again. But he supported our dating anyway.

Travis was in two-a-days most of the first 2 weeks we were dating so i didn't hear from him usually until later that evening. He would call me and ask me to hang out for a little while. So we'd walk to meet each other half way and ended up at my house usually. He was a sweet talker too. He'd tell that he couldn't stop thinking about me during his two-a-days and how he was so lucky to be dating me. I really enjoyed hearing him say those things and often blushed in response to them.

But in all actuallity, i felt it was me who was the lucky one. Like i've said before, Travis was the popular guy who could probably have dated any girl he wanted. He played football and as a sophomore was put on the varsity team. It was a pretty big deal because there were only two more sophomores who made it on the team. He also played basketball and was also very good at it. He had many friends and almost everyone loved him. Then there was me. I was in Band and most of MY friends were also in band. I had quit basketball the year before, so i was no longer in sports. I was lucky if people even knew who i was. And yet, somehow Travis wanted to date ME, SImple and boring me. I was really the lucky one..... as society may have seen it.


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Well, I don't think you're boring at all. I know you always felt that way, but from the "outside of school" point of view, you two were great together. Both of you were lucky.

The Pittman's said...

I'm glad that things are going well!!! I also like hearing about your "love story", it's so romantic!!!