Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The crossover...

Travis started calling me at least once a week. We'd talk for a little while about whatever came to our minds, but neither of us really enjoyed talking on the phone so it was never too long of a conversation. I would tell him about my day and about my current crush. He would talk about basketball or football, but for the most part just listened to whatever nonsense i had to talk about.

Eventually, we started hanging out more outside of school and drivers ed. We met half way between our blocks and then decided what we were going to do. Most of the time we went back to one of our houses to watch a movie or chill, sometimes we went to sonic to get a drink, or we'd just walk around the neighborhood aimlessly.

Summertime came and Travis was leaving for the first trip to Mexico that summer (there were two), along with many of my other friends for a mission trip. I don't remember why, but i didn't go. But, i remember when they all got back, Travis had a new girlfriend. She was older than we were and was head over heals for him. I had a close friend that had always been in love with Travis and when she came back from Mexico, she was not happy. A lot of our conversations consisted of, "He lead me on the whole time", and " She's so much older". In fact, a lot of people were not happy with his decision to date her.

After Church one evening, we all decided to go to the night session at Encounter, which is a camp that is held at LCU (just across from our church). Travis and I stepped to the side before heading over there and I asked him about his new girlfriend. He told me that he reallly liked her but hated that everyone was giving him such a hard time about dating her. I shook my head and tried to listen to what he had to say. I could tell it really upset him that no one was giving him any support in the matter. I didn't necessarily like the girl, but he did. So i said, "It doesn't matter what they think or what they want. You choose who you date. IF you like her, then date her." I guess i said the right thing because he smiled and told me thank you.

During the time he dated her, we didn't talk as much on the phone as we used to, and we didnt really hang out as often either. It wasn't because we had grown apart this time, it was just because he was busy with his new girlfriend, and i understood. He seemed to be happy and that was a good enough reason for me. It wasn't too much longer before Travis broke up with her. He never really told me why they broke up, but i assume they didn't click as well as he thought they might. So with the girlfriend out of the picture, we were back to hanging out all the time. Things were perfect. We laughed all the time and there was never a dull moment. The second Mexico trip came around, and Travis was gone again. It was just like last time, except this time i realized that i missed him more than last time. It was a wierd feeling. Travis and I had been friends for a while now, but I never really MISSED him like i was this time. I figured it was just because all of my friends went with him and i was just feeling lonely. So when they came back home from mexico, I was extatic to see him. School was about to start back up again so we took every advantage of the summer to hang out as much as possible. We started hanging out longer and later.

On the night of August 9, 2002 I walked Travis half way home like we always did. But something was different about this night. It felt a little bit more akward, and i could tell he was wanting say or do something but just hadn't done it yet. So we stopped on the corner of 27th Street to say our goodbyes for the night. I told him the usual things like, "I had fun. I'll see ya tomorrow" and hugged him. When we released each other from the hug, he looked at me for a while. I didn't know what was going on or why he was acting so wierd. Then i knew.... Travis was leaning in for a Kiss! It was a real, romantic kind of kiss you see in the movies. Thoughts were going through my mind in every direction. I wondered what he was doing? Why was he doing this? Did he like me or was this just a game to him? But all these thoughts were lost when i realized that I WANTED him to kiss me.

He pulled away, smiled and said, "Goodnight". We went our seperate ways and headed back home. The whole way home I had a strange feeling. I now understood why they used sayings like "on cloud nine" and "weak in the knees". I don't remember actually walking home... but somehow i got there safely.

I laid in bed that night wondering what was going to happen to our friendship. What if he didn't like the way i kiss? Or what if he is freaking out and wishing he hadn't kissed me. I was scared, nervous, happy, and a little anxious. I had a hard time sleeping that night.

One little kiss was about to change our friendship forever, either for the worse or the better. I just wasn't sure which one.

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