Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More than an Aquaintance

Travis had just broken up with his 8th grade sweet heart. They had been dating pretty much our whole 8th grade year. So I think after they broke up he was really just wanting to hang out and chill a lot. The summer after our 8th grade year we went on a Jr. High Mission trip to Cherokee,TX. At this point we were still just friends. We weren't too close, but we were getting to know each other. The trip consisted of a lot of hours in the van, so we spent a good amount of time in each others presence. I learned his likes and dislikes, what his hobbies were, what type of girls he liked, what made him laugh, what made him mad and many other things. And i guess he was learning the same things about me. After the trip was over and we came back home, We were definately friends.

Our 9th grade year started about a month later. We kind of drifted apart once school started. It was more akward to start a conversation. He had his friends (the jocks/popular groud) and i had mine (the band). We still saw each other everyonce in a while in the hallways and said a quick hello. He was usually surrounded by all of his friends and i didn't want to risk saying hello and feeling rejected. Travis turned 15 that year in november. I made sure to tell him "Happy Birthday" so that he knew i was thinking of him. It wasn't long after that, that i turned 15 as well.

Travis signed up for Driver's Ed at the Lubbock Driving School that was owned by a man from our Church. He came up to our group at church one day and asked some of us to join the same class with him. I was the only one who took up on his offer. So we had a deal to carpool to and from driver's ed. So every wednesday( i can't really remember the exact days we went) we got to spend more time together, just me and him... no sterotypes and no judgement from our friends at school. At this time, i was completely comfortable around him. I looked at Travis as just a friend. He was fun to have around, he made me laugh, i enjoyed conversations with him and he made me feel like he felt the same. And because we were getting to spend so much time together outside of school, we began actually talking at school. I wrote him several notes during me classes, we'd meet up at each other's lockers in between classes and we'd wait for our rides after school together.

Travis had gone from being an aquaintance and then a friend. But now, he was one of my best friends.

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