Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its about time...

I stink at keeping up with blogging. It's just that.. well, my life is not very interesting, even more so now that i am unemployed and basically just sit at home and wait for my husband to come home!! I am a part time nanny, but that doesnt keep me too busy!

Other than my boredom, everything in the Armstrong house is going well. Which reminds me, i dont think i ever told you guys that baby Armstrong is a GIRL!! :) we are so excited because everyone around us has been having boys, so this little girl will be a big blessing. (not that a little boy wouldnt have been :) ) Anyway, we're naming her Hannah Rae. Hannah is the only name we could really agree on and Rae is a name passed down from my grandmother, onto me and now onto Hannah!

There she is! Already, people say she has my nose! We can't wait to meet her! only 16 more weeks....


OH yeAH! Travis finally landed a job that he absolutely loves! We have been blessed!

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