Friday, July 17, 2009

I stand amazed!

Monday, Travis and I went to the baby's first sonogram. I'm still not sure why, but i was nervous up until we got to see the baby! The baby didn't move around very much, which also had me nervous, but the technician reassured me that the baby was just sleeping. I guess she could sense my nervousness because soon after that she let us hear the heartbeat! After that i was pretty relaxed and i really just wanted to enjoy the very few moments i would get to see my baby until the next sonogram.
I've always wondered how a person could not believe in God, but after experiencing that, I REALLY can not understand how a person can witness this liitle miracle and not be in AWE of what God has created. How can you not believe in creationism? As i laid there with my husband looking at this little life, I felt the awesomeness of God. He is forming this little life right before my eyes. This little life, even though only the size of a lime and only weighs an ounce, has a little heart and little organs and is learning to breathe. This little life inside me is forming a brain, moving around and is about to start making facial expressions.

After all of that, It's horrible to me that there are so many people out there who do not believe that this little creature is considered a "life". How can you say that someone who has all of their organs, including a HEART and a brain, is not considered a life? I didn't understand it before, and i definately don't understand it now. I never will. Abortion is such a heartless and selfish act.

I'll get off my soap box now. I am just in AWE with God!

I've noticed that even though my baby is only 13 weeks old, I find myself constantly worrying about it! This baby isn't even born yet, and every thought in my skull is about this baby. Is he/she getting enough nutrients? SHould i have eaten those french fries? Are they getting air? Is it alive? It just goes on and on. Motherhood has slowly started setting in.... scary!

This baby, wether i want it to or not, is already changing my life forever. I can't wait for motherhood!

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The Pittman Family said...

It's such a fun time! I loved the middle of my pregnancy- I wasn't feeling sick anymore and I wasn't huge- it was perfect!! You are going to be such a great mom!!