Thursday, April 1, 2010

New discoveries!

Today, i was looking for something for Hannah to keep her mind stimulated and keep her entertained. I had heard about baby einstein from several people so i got online and checked it out. At the time, i was holding Hannah too. They have some previews you can watch of some of their dvd's. I clicked on them, and they instantly had Hannah's attention. She LOVED it! She would just watch the screen and laugh!

So, as you might have guessed i went to Target and looked for a Baby Einstein movie to get her! We ended up getting the Baby Einstein Baby Mozart disc. I layed hannah on her play mat and put the movie on. I left the room to clean some in her room and when i came back she was just starring at the screen as happy as can be. It says it's for babies 3+ months, but Hannah is on her way to three months and loves it anyway.
So naturally, being a mom...i thought i'd snap a picture and put it on my blog!

She absolutely was entranced by all the bright colors and music.

(you can kind of see the flatness of the back of her head in this picture :( )

We definately need something for her to sit in while she watches it so it doesn't get worse. Do Bumbo seats work well for babies who can't fully sit on their own yet?? If so, i need to get one!

Another discovery i made this week, Hannah loves her Jenny Jump! She hasn't quit figured out how to use her legs to jump yet, but she still loved sitting in it!

Yes, she is in the doorway of a bathroom. I had her sit in it while i applied makeup so i could watch her!

We are having so much fun growing! She's getting so chunky and just makes my life full of so much more joy than i've ever known before! Babies just have a way of making life sweeter :)!


Ashley said...

She is so cute!! A Bumbo would be good and can be used before they sit up alone. It holds them up, but she does need to have good head control. We had a bouncer and Kate loved it. Don't worry too much about the flat head- all babies have it to some extent.

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I second all of what Ashley said.

All of my kids loved bouncy seats at this age, but they had't invented the Bumbo waaaay back then :)

Laci said...

i have a bumbo seat that I use in the studio and they are awesome, but i would agree that she'll need good head control before she'll be comfortable in it. THey even have trays for them and they make them for the toilet when that time comes! hahah! She's growing so much!! And I'm so happy she loves her jumper!!!

Brittany said...

I think its fabulous you're teaching her the important things in life, hair and make-up. Just kidding, she's a precious little girl!!