Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little girls...

I've been around plenty enough baby boys to know just how fun and easy they are to raise. Their rough and tough and can entertain themselves to a T. They don't need the perfect bow to match the perfect dress and accessorize with the cutest shoes.

However, Travis and I gave birth to a little girl. A drama queen. A prissy missy who cries even at the slightest little bonk on the head. A little girl who can't stand to get her hands dirty (i've learned this even already even just at 7months and i fully blame it on her daddy). A princess who thinks it's her way or the highway. ANd i've learned that even though girls are slighty a tad bit harder to deal with, they are the sweetest. Their hugs are more tender and soft. Their love is unreal. They smell pretty. They look cute in their frilly dresses. They have a contagious smile and an adorable giggle.

Little girls are worth all the headache's and pain that come with the raising!

THis is why i love our little girl...

(picture taken by her Aunt Laci!)

How can you resist such sweetness?

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