Thursday, September 23, 2010

Someone who REAALLLLYYY loves me....

needs to dig really deep into their pockets and buy me this,

What is it? It's a Silhouette! You can go here and read all about it...
I really really really think it would be neat to own one! If only i could grow my own money tree??
Change of subject, things in our household have been good. I've started teaching at BH (a preschool at our church) and Hannah is getting to go as well. We are both really enjoying it. We don't have enough babies signed up though, so they have to take my class away :( . So after this month, i'll be a sub. BUT, Hannah will still get to go so im still happy about that.
Hannah turned 8 months old yesterday! I can't believe it. It really feels like maybe last month i gave birth to such a tiny little girl, and now she's a lot bigger and can do a lot more things. Things like:
*go from laying down to sitting up all on her own
* rock from her knees to her hands in the crawling position (although still not really crawling yet)
* eating all baby foods/snacks (she can feed her snacks to herself when she feels like it)
* say "da-da"
* reply with a growl when you ask her what a cougar says ( i taught her that!)
*she now sleeps UNSWADDLED ( she slept swaddled until she was 7 months old)
That's really all of the new stuff i can think of. She's just growing everyday and it's all so bittersweet!

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Ashley said...

I can't believe Hannah is 8 months. Time flies!!
I was just getting ready to enter a couple of giveaways for the Silhouette. I was excited to see 2 of the blogs I read have giveaways today!
Maybe one of us will win!!