Friday, October 1, 2010

How far i've come....

Alright, I'm finally brave enough to post these! After i had Hannah this is what i looked like:

YUCK! just looking at this picture makes me miserable!.. I realize it's not like a full body shot or anything, but i never took one so this is the best i could do. In this picture i weighed 198lbs! Whew... that was tough to say out loud!
Here i am now:

And even though i have no make up on and am not GORGEOUS in these pictures, i hope you can tell the difference. I have lost a total of 30lbs since that day and currently weigh 167lbs. My BMI chart says that for my height and activity level, i should be between 155lbs-175lbs... so i'm right in the middle. I still want to loose 10-15 lbs.... but I've been stuck at 167 for about a month now!
If you have any weight loss tips, please let me know!
Thanks for letting me share!


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I think you look fabulous!

Laci said...

awesome!! good job girl!!

Brittany said...

Looking good!! I think you look great in the pics and I really don't think you look like 167. As for tips - I'm no help. But if you want to walk the 5k at the Harvest Festival I'd love to have a stroller buddy :)