Friday, November 12, 2010

I promised!

I promised you all some pictures, and even though there aren't a WHOLE lot there are a few!

For Halloween every year since 2006, Travis and I have been carving a pumpkin together. Well this year we had Hannah around to "help". In all actuallity, she could have cared less about the pumkpin and all she wanted was for us to play with her. SO carving the pumpkin this year wasn't so much of a team effort as a switch off. One of us would take care of Hannah while the other one worked on the pumkin... alone. Maybe next year she will actually be old enough to want to help a little more!

( "helping") with the finished product

This year for Halloween, Hannah was the cutest little pumpkin! ANd yes, i know she's not old enough for candy, but we took her trick or treating ANYWAY, because her momma IS old enough :).

Of the subject of halloween, for the past 2 or so weeks, Hannah has been putting herself to sleep. Up until then/now, we had been swaddling her, or rocking her, or putting her in her swing to watch baby einstein until she fell asleep and then laying her down. Surprisingly, she's done really well with it. She usually just lays down and goes right to sleep. One day for nap time we layed her in the crib but she began to cry for about 10 minutes. Then it was very quiet. So i went in to check on her, and this is what i found:

That's right! She fell asleep sitting up! So the picture is kind of blurry, but it's because i snapped it and ran before she could wake up! There was no way i was NOT going to get a picture of this!
SO there you go! Those are the pictures from our life as of lately! Other than that, we live a pretty boring life. Hannah is teething again so our days (or my days i should say) are full of her being fussy and clingy! I'm ready for all of her teeth to be in already!!
I've missed the past couple of days of writing something i'm thankful for so here are the thigns i'm thankful for, for days 9, 10, 11 and 12.
9. My camera so i can capture special moments that i don't want to forget!
10. my church family
11. In honor of veterans day (11-11) our men and women who have served, are serving or will serve our country.
12. Basketball games! Travis and I are going to the men's Texas Tech game tonight and will be baby free! Thanks to his parents for watching her!

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