Friday, February 4, 2011

Hannah is 1!

I don't have a whole lot of time to update (i actually don't have a whole lot of time at all these days with a toddler around here!) but i'm deciding to write just a little about our lives lately.

Hannah celebrated her first birthday on saturday January 22nd! Her party was lady bug themed and it turned out to be pretty cute.It was a small party with close friends and family and we had alot of fun.

Hannah also started walking on her birthday! :) Now, she thinks she has to start running! She starts off walking and then trys to go faster which usually results in her landing on her face! Poor girl! SHe still only has two teeth, but we can tell and the doctor told us that she has plenty more trying to make their appearance! At her 1 year check up, Hannah weighed 24lbs and was 29 1/2in long. So she's just a big girl all the way around for her age! BUt really... what can you expect coming from a family like mine?

We have been so blessed and happy this past year with her.

...oh and since the day Hannah was born, she's had a clogged tear duct! It would constantly water up and produce gunky boogers. We'd have to clean it several times a day. she hated it... we hated it. So when i took her to her one year check up, the doctor told me since it hadnt cleared up on its own yet, that it probably wouldnt. So, we made an appointment with the Opthemologist to get it fixed. THEN.... while Travis and I were in San Antonio, it miraculously healed itself! IT hasn't made one gunky booger since last weekend! I like to think of it as God's way of reminding us that he is in control and that he takes care of things on his own time! Thank you God for healing her eye so that she didn't have to have surgery!

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Laci said...

wow!! No one told me her eye got better!! geez, the things you miss being all the way in abilene!! yaya! That is such great news!!

Oh and I cant wait for her too say some funny words!! I miss ya'll.

Much love,