Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm begging you...

If something were to happen to Hannah tonight and i'd never get to see her again, I just don't know how i'd be able to live.

Saturday morning i learned that a very precious family from my church lost their little girl. What makes it even more heart breaking is that she died from being shot while hunting with her granddad. It was an accident. She suffered from a gun shot to the head. She was 9 years old and from what i hear, a perfect and beautiful angel. I never got to meet her, but i did meet her mother and talked with her several times while she fed her new baby boy at church. Her mother is the most caring and sweet person i think i've met. I've never seen a person ask so many questions about someone else's life and REALLY listen as if they REALLY cared about every detail as this girls mother does. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow she is feeling. I can't imagine the pain the grandfather is feeling either.... or for that matter this entire family.

I've been praying non-stop since the moment i heard the news and even when im not praying i'm constantly thinking about them. I wish there was something i could say or do to make it all better, but we all know there is nothing.

Tonight, I'm just asking you to say a prayer for this family. Say a prayer with your whole heart and sincerely ask the Lord to wrap his loving arms around this family and to send his healing! It sure would mean a lot to me... and i know it would to the Dahlstrom's!

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