Thursday, May 5, 2011

In honor of Mother's Day....

The [icture above is me when i turned 3 or 4 being a "mother" to my new baby doll. I've always, always, always wanted to be two things... A wife and a Mom. When i think about the past 16 months of my life as a mother, MOST of my thoughts are happy thoughts. But let's be honest.... motherhood is the most stressful, tiresome, sometimes miserable job i can think of. Everyone always talks about how much they LOVE being a mom on mother's day.... so just to be a little different, here is a list of things i do NOT enjoy about motherhood.

1. Having to be just about 100% selfless everyday and all day. Obviously i'm not perfect so sadly enough i'm probably only selfless about 80% of the time.... but it's still exhausting

2. The constant whinning and crying i hear all day because a) she either wants to be held or B) she wants something she can't have

3. The stretch marks!

4. The baggy eyes and saggy body parts

5. having to remember the diapers, wipes, food and pacifiers everywhere i go

6. I can't even go to the bathroom with some peace and quiet

7. The worrying everytime she bonks her head or busts her lip along with the worries with every fever and every "runny" diaper

8. Finding ways to give enough attention to a toddler and still get the house picked up and dinner cooked

9. Not only do i have to brush my own teeth and give myself a bath... but i also have to make sure she gets her teeth brushed and gets a bath as well.

10. I swear i have to to say ,"NO!" and "How many times do i have to tell you..." at least 50 times a day

PLease don't misunderstand my post. I honestly LOVE.... LOVE being a mom. I LOVE my baby and becoming a mother has honestly been the best thing that has ever happened in my life. It's what i've always wanted and dreamed of... it's just that being a full time mom, well it's not for the Birds!

Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers out there! Go drink a glass of wine and laugh about the things that drive you nuts! :)


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

AMEN sister!

Sometimes you just gotta get it out, then you can be cheerful again:) Hope your Mother's Day is fabulous!

Brittany said...

Best post ever! I can't think of anyone mother's I know who don't agree with you on both parts. I was talking with an older mother the other day and she was telling us that every year on each kids birthday she went through her labor and delivery story, "I don't know why they think that day is all about them, we did all the work!". Hope you have the best mother's day yet!