Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frustrations v. Blessings

Here's a list of things that have frustrated me today:

*The annoying muscle twitch in my right arm that has been there since i woke up today!
* When i stepped on our scale in the bathroom, the weight was off. I know this because there is NO way i lost 20 lbs over night. It's been on the fritz for a while now...
*When i went to take a movie case away from Hannah, she hit me in the eye with it.
* I locked my keys in my car, thus making me have to lift open our garage door and go into the house through the garage!

Here's a list of Blessings I've had today:

*I woke up! (may sound simple, but if i didn't I'd be dead!)
*When i went into Hannah's room to wake her up, she had a big smile and raised her arms up for me to pick her up.
* We had food to eat for breakfast and lunch!
* We are sitting inside our home WITH air conditioning
* We drove in our car to play at the mall playground
* I witnessed Hannah having fun going up and down the slide... over and over and over
* We are all healthy
* We are all happy
* Even though she hit me in the eye, right afterwards Hannah ran to me and gave me a hug and kiss (that's what she does when we tell her to say she's sorry)
* Currently I have gotten almost 40 minutes of "me" time while Hannah is napping

AND those are only the blessings from half a days worth! I try to make sure that i remember even when i have a hard moment or too that most days are filled with many more blessings than not!

I hope you are having a blessed day as well!

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