Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Words that make me happy :)

The other day i was wondering when Hannah was going to speak more words! It didn't seem to me that she could say much and it was making me a little worried. However, recently i made a list and realized that she's saying a whole lot more than i THOUGHT she was and it made me feel better! Here's a list of words she can say, :

*Dye-Dye (Bye bye)
*Baby (but only when SHE wants to)
*Doddy (Doggie)
*Abby (the name of our dog)
*Chee (Cheese)
*Tee ( Teeth)
*Ahm ( arm)
*Ah mee! (ah, man!)
*Ju ( Juice)
*Mm Goo! ( mm Good!)
*Uh-OH! (her current favorite. She says it even at random times!)
*Flowie (flower)
*Dappy (diaper)
*Paddy (paci)
*ow sigh (out side)

There are probably even a few more that i just forgot about but you get the jist. Obviously, she has her own versions of the word, but she's learning and that's what counts! I feel so proud of her. I get so excited every time she learns a new word because that means we ar one step closer to understanding each other... and that means less frustrations!

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