Saturday, May 5, 2007

I have the best mommy in the world! On her birthday, she bought Trav and I a $800 bedroom set. It came with the bed frame/headboard/baseboard, a dresser with mirror AND a bedside table. Today she got us 400 thread count sheets and a pretty shower curtain! She does alot for me!

Thats it! See the dresser to the side with the oval mirror?? Thats our dresser! I like it alot and i think Travis does too, even if he has a hard time expressing his emotions! lol

Trav and I had our "sex" session of pre-martial counseling. That had to be the most akward time of my life. We seriously got a book of "first night" sex info. Way too many details were shared, BUT i guess it's a good thing to talk about. I think we have 2 more weeks of Pre-marital counseling and then only 2 1/2 weeks until the big day! Every day i get more and more excited, but with the excitment comes the stress! I just can't wait!

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jen said...

Sorry, I knew what you were in for with the whole pre-marital counseling thing and I didn't warn you! Bwah ha ha! If I were a good friend I would have at least given you a little hint. I love your bedroom suit!