Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm alive!

I was checking my email today when I noticed I had an email from my blog. To tell you the truth I had completely forgotten I had a blog. But now that I have been reminded, I am eager to write!

You might be wondering what is new in my life and here is what's new:
*I am now married!
*I have a new (well new to you) job that allows me to blog while working!
*I have TWO nephews now
*I am attending school again... this time for accounting
*annnd other than all of that, i'm still the same ole' me!

My mom and dad had been trying to sell their house and just when they were about to give up (after being on the market for over a year!) they finally sold it! They are now proud owners of their dream home in the new housing edition known as Vintage Township. If you've never heard of this housing edition, you should probably check it out! It's a bunch of old timey looking houses (like colonial, victorian....etc.). And they always have some pretty cool things you can come out and enjoy like ice cream in the park and they even have movies that are shown outside! Just a thought....

I'm currently on yet again another diet. ONly this time it seems to be working out well for me. In about a month i guess, I've lost 11 lbs! I know thats not a whoping high number but it's a start and hey.... it's 11 lbs less than what I weighed before! I still have a little bit to go in order to meet my goal!


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