Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm setting some goals!

Over the years, I've found out that I am really good at setting goals! When it comes to thinking of things i want to accomplish, i am the Pro! When it comes to actually accomplishing them (not just talking about them) however, it never happens. So I've thought of some goals that i am absolutely determined to accomplish before the 2008 year is over. I have two things i want to happen:

1. I'm going to learn how to quilt! I've actually already started this task with my first quilt project which will be an anniversary/Christmas gift to some close friends. My mom is helping me accomplish this goal by being my teacher! She makes amazing quilts!

2. I need to loose about 20 more lbs.! So far since January I have lost 14lbs...... I think it's managable! :)

I'll let you know my progress on these two things throught the next few months!!

1 comment:

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I'll come visit more often now that I know you're updating :)

I totally learned how to quilt the exact same way. I couldn't sew a stitch. My mom tried to teach me my whole life, but I was just never interested.

I just jumped in with both feet, let my mom teach me, and spent a lot of time in her sewing room because I didn't have a machine. It's fun doing something like that with your mom.

You can totally do the weight loss thing. If I can do it, anyone can... You've already got a great start!