Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here's an update on my goals:

I started the quilt. I am really excited about how it is looking right now. I chose some different reds, browns and cream colors. So far it's looking pretty cool. My mom says that if i work hard i can probably have it done by october! I never knew quilting was such a long project, but the length of time it will take me hasn't made me quit yet! I'll take some pictures and show you what it's looking like in my next post.

My weight loss goals... well.. i've lost 2 lbs. Loosing weight is really tough! Especially in a world where there is a fast food restuarant at every corner! I have many friends who invite me to go out and eat with them and i'm having to leran to say no. It's not that eating out is necessarily what causes me to gain weight, but it's the temptations that are on the dang menu! I mean sure... i CAN order a salad with fat free dressing or something grilled and low fat, but who wants that when you can have something deep fried and covered with ranch?? THIS is the problem. So for now, until i reach my goal... there will be little eating out for me. I need to work on how many times i work out a week though.. i think that will help me reach my goal sooner.

Here's an update on other things in my life:

1. I'll be heading up to Tulsa, OK this weekend with my mom to see my sister and her family. I really don't get to see my sister very much at all these days (as you could imagine with the distance thing) so i am really ready for it.My sister is my best friend and I Love her so much. I wish she didn't leave so far away. BUT i will take lots of pictures there and show you how cute my nephews are!

2. I had been previously going to school part time and working full time since i have been married. However, this semester i have to take off because of some issues with South Plains and my paperwork not getting to them in time. This is both frusterating and relieving at the same time. Now i'll just be working full time. But at least i can fully concentrate on my goals now, right?

Like i said, I'll be posting pictures of the quilt hopefully tomorrow if your interested.

Thanks for reading!


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Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Sorry you can't come to the widow's slumberparty, but I know you'll have fun visiting your sis. See you when you get back!