Friday, July 18, 2008

Scared of The Night...not the Dark

No. I am not scared of the dark like I was when I was Five. It's not that type of thing. It's not the dark I am scared of, it's being alone over night, in an empty house that I am scared of.

My other half works two jobs. He works at a local retail store during the week and then on the weekends he travels with a bunch of guys to various locations to do hard manual work. Well sometimes this job requires him to stay over night on fridays and doesn't come home until late saturday evening. I know he is out making extra money so that we can live a somewhat comfortable life. However, i HATE staying in our house over night all by my self. LIke I said before, it's not the DARK that scares me. It wasn't too long ago that my car got broken into. Well, if you want to call it "broke into". Anyway, every since then I have been so concerned with what goes on during the night when most people are sleeping. So, my other half is gone and I am in the house alone. What do I do when some one is trying to break into my house? Or what if something happens to me and I need to get to the hospital, but can not get ahold of anyone because they are all sleeping?? I drive my self crazy with all the possible horrible things that could happen.

Usually I let my dogs sleep inside with me for feelings of security, but really they are more scared of the night than I am. But i have found one thing that helps. I have a very close friend, Katie, that I ask to stay over. She usually agrees AND cooks me dinner! :) You can't beat that. But this weekend, she is gone too.

I will have to be a big girl and grow out of my fear starting tonight. But that doesn't mean I will like it.

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Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Katie is a life saver, can I get an AMEN? It does get easier, the staying by yourself. I always get home before dark banish all thoughts of creepy things, and watch a chick flick. Some day, when you're an old married woman, you'll love the nights he's gone because you get the whole bed to yourself.