Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Candice!!

Today is my one and only sister's 26th Brithday!! So here are 26 reasons why i love and adore my sister:

1. She is so funny.

2. She is a wonderful mommy to her boys.

3. She is my best friend and i know i can tell her anything

4. She is understanding.

5. She is a Christian and trying to raise her family in a Christian enviroment

6. She is such a hard worker.

7. When she sets her mind to something, she does it!

8. She makes funny faces

9. Sometimes she's a spaz.... and it makes us laugh

10. She's a black person in a white person's body... haha did i mention she is hilarious??

11. She has a smile that can light up a room

12. She loves God

13. She's always there to lend a shoulder to her friends and family

14. She is unselfish

15. She is God-fearing

16. She loves to give great gifts without expecting anything in return

17. She makes yummy food.... all the time

18. She basically helped my parens raise my brother and I

19. She doesn't need a whole lot of make up to look beautiful

20. She can dance like no one else!

21. She's always happy and smiling

22. Her whole life, she's had to give up most of what SHE wanted for others.. and she's never held a grudge

23. She's smarter than your average bear

24. She's confident in who she is

25. She likes to sing


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