Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, sadly the Houston Texans didn't make it to the super bowl this year. I know big shocker right?? lol So while i was deciding on who to root for this year, i picked the team that had the most of my favorite players on it! I am by no means a Steeler's fan during normal season play. BUT i do like Hines Ward a whole whole lot so this year for the SUper Bowl, i rooted for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Our college group at church held a super bowl party and there were only 3 of us Steeler fans there! It was a blast and a nail biter! Buti enjoyed all the food, games and fellowship!
So just for some entertainment.. here are some pics!

yes, i made a t-shirt!!

my favorite WR!

Travis and Me!

Me and My fellow Steeler fan celebrating after the win!

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