Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things Change...

So i bet you all didn't know that i had REALLY started blogging many years ago, except i began my blogging journey on a site called xanga. When i was in high school, Xanga was pretty popular and pretty much everyone who was anyone had one lol. (ok maybe it wasn't THAT big of a deal).

Anyway, because my job is SO easy, i spent much of the morning reading my old blog on xanga and laughed pretty hard. I had a lame life back then! :)...... But i found this little "questionaire" and thought it would be cool to see just how much i've changed, if i've changed at all.

1. How old are you? How old do you feel?

My answer from back then was: " I am 19 years old. Depending on my mood, or current situation i can feel alot younger or alot older. When I am relaxed and goofing around, i feel maybe 12. However, when i am stressed or tired sometimes i can feel almost 30 years old."

My answer now is: I am 22, and i feel 22... most of the time.

2. What makes a person old?

My answer back then was: "Old is a state of mind. When you feel too old to get out and do stuff, i guess that is your mind telling you, you are old. When a person is in denial of being old, they go out do whatever. So i guess you are old when you let your body and mind tell you so."

My answer now is: Time makes a person old. Because along with time, comes stress, fear, and death.... all of which can make us feel older.

3. Who are the most important people in your life and why?

my answer back then was: " The most important people in my life are my parents, or family, my boyfriend Travis, and my best friend Brittany. My parents love me unconditionally and have put up with me and my stunts my whole life, and believe me, there was alot to put up with. They raised me to be who i am today, which i still have weaknesses but all in all i am proud of who i am today. My siblings have watched over me and have been major role models while i was growing up. My older sister Candice helped my mom out alot when she was going to school by watching me and my little brother. She had to grow up fast and i appreciate everything she did. She is definately one of my best friends. My little brother rex, even though we do not get along as well anymore, has taught me about honesty. No matter what he has done or who he is, he lets people know about his mistakes and does not live in the past. I trully admire him for that. Travis is not only my boyfriend, he's my companion and my best friend. When i have stupid things to say, he listen and then tells me if its stupid or what not. There's not one thing in my life that he does not know about and he still loves me despite those flaws. He has never stopped caring for me even when we were not together anymore and whenever we didnt know what we were, he loved me anyway. Brittany has been with me through thick and thin since 7th or 8th grade. her goofiness and hard work are essential to my life and has taught me to work hard but dont take life too seriously. "

my answer now is: The most important people in my life are still my family and my best friends, but now i can add my HUSBAND. Travis is an essential part of my life and I can not live with out him! I still feel the same way about all of the above mentioned people.

4. Talk about your religious life.

My answer then was: "Every since I started my college career, i've really depended on my relationship with God. When it gets hard because i can not see what is supposed to happen in life, i pray. When i get sad because i miss Travis, i pray. When my grades are getting low, i pray. Before college my prayer life was suffering but now it is strengthened trememdously. However, because of the amount of time i need for hw and such, my bible studying time has dwendled unless i am in Bible class. "

My answer now is: Sadly, I do not pray as much as i did in college. It brings me back to all those lessons we had in youth group when we talked about how people only pray when they NEED something... not when things are good or just to praise God. But i am working on getting my prayer life back in order. God is crucial in all of our lives. I am glad i know him and that i am a follower. But i have my own faith now... nto my parents faith or my friends' faith. It is my own. And that is what i am most proud of.

5. How do you keep up with the news?

My answer then was: "I hardly ever watch the news, but on the reare occasions when i do, I watch news Channel 11. The news has alot of things that make me hate the world we live in so i only watch it once in a while."

My answer now is: It's about the same. I only watch the news like once a week. I just don't like seeing how awful our world is with all the violence and hate. I know it's out there... but i don't need to see it.

6. Do you read the news paper or magazines? how often?

My answer then was: "I read the news paper/magazines about as often as i watch the news on T.V. I only read the sections that interest me and the comics to make me laugh."

My answer now is: I really don't read either one at all.

7. Do you watch reality T.V. shows?

My answer then was: "I love reality t.v. shows. I know sometimes they can be less moral than some thigns, but it shows the world as it is, stupid and wrong. My favorite reality tv show is the real world or the bachelor."

My answer now is: I still love reality t.v shows. I am a reality tv show junky. I love the bachelor, Biggest Loser, Big Brother.. i mean you name it, i probably watch it!

8. How often do you go the movies?

My answer then was: "i think i go to the movies on average about once every y months. My favorite kinds of movies are comedy, romantic, and on the occasion horror."

My answer now is: I probably go to the movies even less now! Lol

9. Do you read?

My answer then was: "i read very rarely. In the past year i think i have read maybe 2 books lol"

My answer now is: I actually have improved on reading. I have read several books just in the past year!!

10. Are you a political person? are you more liberal or conservative?

My answer then was: "I do consider myself a political person. I am defiantely more conservative."

My answer now is: Back then, even though i SAID i considered myself a political person, i don't think i actually was lol. because NOW i know what being political really is and i dont think i am. I hate politics and i don't understand it. BUT my beliefs are more conservative.

11. What are the most important issues in your life right now?

My answer then was: "probably just making it through college, getting a job to pay for my bills, and time management."

My answer now is: the most important issues in my life right now all revolve around my future. Ever decision i make today is going to affect my husband and my future children. My decisions are crucial.

12. Would you rather be rich, well off, or poor and why?

My answer then was: " It would be nice to be rich and know that money will never be a big problem for you. However, i feel that too much money brings greediness and wrong intentions in the world. So i would rather be comfortable/well off. i dont think anyone wants to be dirt poor, but if i was i would hope i would praise God for the blessings i DID have in life."

My answer now is: I just want to have enough money to pay our bills and have a little extra to have some fun and to live off of. I don't need to be rich and i hope i am never trully poor! and i still feel the same way as my answer above!

13. What are some issues facing your family?

My answer then was: "Probably money. They are about to have two children in college and they just paid for my sisters wedding. They also have alot of bills and responsiblity to their names."

My answer now is: well i have a new family now. I believe that money is still probably an issue on both sides. With the economy the way it is right now, money is a big issue everywhere!

14. Do you consider yourself a good writer?

My answer then was: "Well if you have been paying attentiong to my gramar and punctuation and stuff like that in this entry, you would agree with me when i say no. I have good ideas and everything, but when i try to write them out, they tend to go in circles and never come to my point."

My answer now is: I have improved over the years. I still do not consider myself a "good" writer, but i know how to get my point across and do it well.

15. Do you consider yourself a good reader?

My answer then was: "When i make myself read, i feel i am a good reader. The only issue i have with reading is that after i read too long, my eyes start to hurt."

My answer now is: I am still the same. When i make myself read, i am a good reader. It's just opening the book.... lol

16. In your opinion, who has been the best president in the U.S.?

My answer then was: "Well, I've only lived through 2 presidents, but i think the best president ever would be George Washington, just based on what i have learned in my History classes."

My answer now is: I honestly can saw after learning so much more than i knew back then, that IN my opinion, Abe Lincoln was the best president in the US. He was so honest and he trully sought after God's will.

17. What is the most influential movement in the U.S. since the 1600's?

My answer then was: "The most influencial historical event since 1600 would be the movement by Martin luther King Jr. to free all blacks."

My answer now is: I gues now it would be our first Black president!! Even though i do not like Barak Obama!

18. If you could meet one influential person in the world right now, who would it be and why?

My answer then was: "George W. Bush, so that i could tell him that what he is doing for our country is heroic and that i am proud to have him as our President."

My answer now is: I would actually choose to meet Barak Obama. I would love to see him without the cameras, without his posse and without everyone else telling me how wonderful he is so that i could really know who he is when no one else is around.

19. What is your favorite holdiday?

My answer then was: " My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because that is when my whole family gets to come home and we get to play games and talk."

My answer now is: My answer is still the same!! Thanskgiving will always rock!

20. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

My answer then was: "To be more involved in high school and to be more focused on my grades so that they would have reflected who i am better than they did."

My answer now is: Now i can say that i would not go back and change anything. I am at where i am at beacuse of the things that happened and because of the things i did. And maybe i regret some of those things, but they got me where i am today. ANd i am completely and utterly happy with where i am today and with WHO i am today!

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