Friday, March 27, 2009

A sister is God's way of proving that he doesn't want us to walk alone....

This is my sister, Candice.

I've never met a stronger, more determined person in my entire life. For those of you who do not know, she is the mother of three crazy boys all under the age of 3! She works hard to provide them with love, care and all the necessities. She is also a loving wife to her husband Wally (pictured above with her).

My sister and I have had many memories together. Some good.. and some bad. But my favorite memory is of the time we were watching the movie "Grease". My sister, brother and I had all decided to participate in the scene when they are at the high school dance. We danced all around our living room mimicking the moves they did on the movie. OF course, my sister got to be Sandy and i had to be Cha Cha, but we still laugh to this day of how funny we looked. My sister was always making us laugh. She is the life of the party most of the time.

My sister probably never knew this, but my whole life... all i ever wanted was to be exactly like her. I think thats probably the reason we didn't get along too well when we were growing up. I was always in her space! BUT now, she is definately my best friend.

Here is a list of the top 10 things i love about Candice:

1. Of course, she makes me laugh!
2. She makes very yummy foods!
3. She has given me three crazy and fun nephews to love.
4. She likes all the same shows i do so when we get together we can discuss what we think about them and what has happened
5. She will do anything to make other's happy, even if it is at the expense of her own happiness.
6. She had to give up a lot when we were growing up for my brother and I and i've never heard much of a complaint
7. Even though she has 3 toddlers running around, she is going back to school!
8. She is a very honest person
9. She's always been there when i've needed support or advice
10. She is the best sister and friend anyone could ask for. She is very dependable and caring towards the people she loves!

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