Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warning: mushy content

This man is my most favorite person in the whole entire world! This is my husband/best friend, Travis.

First of all, contrary to what you all may THINK.... i am not the perfect wife :). I don't get up in the wee hours of the morning and cook him breakfast before he leaves for work/school, i don't keep the house in a tidy clean manor as often as i should, I dont even do his laundry (but thats a different story) , I have a few extra pounds i could loose, i hardly ever wear make up, and there are times that i act upon selfish desires and forget to think twice about how he may feel. Despite ALL of that... for some reason this man still chooses to love me unconditionally.... So just that alone proves that he is the best man ever!

Travis is unlike any man you will probably EVER meet. He is so passionate about the people and things that mean the most to him. I dont think i have ever met a person that is SO concerned about the people around them that they forget to think about themselves....and that is exactly what Travis does. He takes a pretty long time to decide on things.....i mean a long time.... but its only because he wants to make sure he is making the right decision, not only for him but for everyone in his life. I honestly have never met a more unselfish person than Travis.

Travis and I love to have fun. In fact, 90% of our marriage is fun! So i have a whole lot of favorite memories with him. BUT my absolute favorite is the moment we shared right after we walked back down the isle as Mr. and Mrs. When we got back into the "brides" room, Travis took my hand and said, "We made it! This is the happiest day of my life." (i know... i told you.. mushy) Anyway, neither one of us could stop starring at the other and in THAT moment, nothing could be more perfect.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love my husband:
1. He makes delicious waffles!
2. He knows a lot more about the world than i do!
3. He is perfectly content just staying at home and watching tv with me
4. He pushes me to accomplish my goals
5. He laughs when i tell him one of my ridiculous goals
6. He enjoys life!
7. Sometimes, even though its HIS turn to pick the movie, he lets me get a chick flick when we rent a movie
8. He'll never admitt it to his guy friends, but he LOVED watching the OC with me...
9. He always ... always smells sooo good
10. He's cute bald :)


I love love love my life with you! And i am more grateful for you than you will ever know! Thanks for putting up with me!!